Ignite Group has developed a range of services, based on its original focus on business strategies and management consulting and expanded its service offerings alongside the value chain and in support of the value chain through its various types of services to cover the five pillars of every business:

Management Consulting services

Based on the Ignite consulting approach and philosophy Ignite Consulting emphases on ‘asking the right questions’. It is therefore not a boutique consultancy that is highly specialised on topics like supply chain, balanced scorecards, etc with a ‘semi-defined solution but rather focused on cross-functional, cross-discipline, industry-independent, enquiry-focused consulting. The management consulting services that Ignite Consulting offers are:

  • Strategy definition – Are we doing the right thing? What are our options?
    • formulating and defining business strategies that are supported by a strong business model, a fit-for-purpose operating model with a strong foundation through the right composition of the five enterprise architecture pillars.
  • Feasibility studies – Does the strategy / product idea / business idea make sense and how would it work?
    • through assessments of the markets, competitor, trends, PEST analysis (political, economical, social, technological conditions), business models, financial revenue and costs models and business plans, we help to determine if and how the idea/product/investment can be turn into a success.
  • Program / portfolio management – How does it all fit together?
    • through aligning and defining a strategic program, we ensure that all projects and initiatives pull into the right direction with the right objectives.
  • Enterprise architecture and operating model – Where and how does the business and IT come together?
    • we translate the conceptual business strategy into an enterprise architecture design that drives and define the operating model with all the five required pillars to answer the following questions:
      • For my defined strategy, what set of resources and capabilities does my business require to deliver optimally for its business model?
      • What people resourcing and competencies do I require to operate my business?
      • What process do I need to operate my business and deliver to my customers?
      • What technology and systems are required to support the people and the process?
      • What infrastructure needs to be in place?
  • Process and org design – Doing the thing right? With the right people at the right time and place?
    • process analysis of the As-Is and modelling a To-Be process that delivers and takes the people into account.
      • Business process modelling together with business process improvements.
      • Organisational design together with job design and reward system design and competency modelling.

IT Consulting services

The IT consulting services mostly focus on the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and within that – on the scoping and business analysis of the requirements to ensure a accurate and high quality system development. The complete range of service offerings are:

  • Enterprise architecture - assessment and definition of enterprise architecture frameworks (based on Togaf or other EAI frameworks)
  • Operating/business model
  • Business analysis – extraction of business requirements and translation into business requirements specifications, functional and non-functional specifications for system developments, technology selections and RFP and tender processes.
  • Project scoping – The project idea is easy, but to define a project and its scope and deliverables properly is the often ignored and underestimated Achilles arch of every project. We ensure that a project is properly defined to ensure the project is set up for success.
  • Project management – Project management either based on the PMI or Prince2 methodology with through initiation, planning, execution/control and closure.
  • Business case development – How much money will this project costs and for what? What are the reasonable benefits? By when and how will the project achieve a return on its investment?
    • We ensure a solid and comprehensive business case that anticipates all eventualities and validates all assumptions for the revenue and costs model, so that your project investment has a solid base when you present it to the project sponsor and board of directors for approval.

People / organisational development services

  • Organisational development – organisational design is defining the process and structure – basically the ‘what’ – and is part of a typical management consulting intervention.
Organisational development however is about the ‘how’ – how are people behaving whilst following the process and structure? We bridge the gap between the ‘hard structural and soft people’ side during business transformation projects and implement a sustainable solution – for the company and for the people.
  • Change management – helping individuals and teams through the emotional cycle of change.
  • People development – skills and competence development, skills – in situations where the individuals require upskilling to better perform in their new or current roles.
  • Competency mapping together with training needs analysis – this is the cross over from where the process dictates the skill set required to perform the roles and where the role fits into the organisation structure. Both these aspects drive the competency map and job roles and responsibility definition, which in return define the skills and training needs and required upskilling intervention.
  • Curriculum design and skills training/ lecturing (using various didactic methods and training delivery modes).
  • Business / executive coaching – to support the personal development of individuals in an corporate context.

Leadership Development Program Example

Former clients or industry experience

Sasol Oil
Petro-chemical industry in SA

Southern Life
Life insurance
Financial services industry in SA

AECI coatings
Industrial paint manufacturer
Chemical industry in SA

Retail paint company
Chemical industry in SA

Standard bank
Retail bank
Financial services industry in SA

Customs / SA Revenue services
Government agency in SA

Tax / SA Revenue services
Government agency in SA

Multi media and marketing company
Media / advertising industry in SA
Multi level marketing company
FMCG industry in Germany

Polyester/Nylon manufacturer
Chemical industry in SA

Old Mutual
Life insurance / employee benefit company
financial services industry in SA

Life insurance company
Financial services industry in SA

Coaching / personal development training company
Education industry in SA

Allan Gray Orbis Foundation
Bursary management / funding company.
None-profit organisation industry in SA
I-Net bridge
Financial data aggregator company
Financial services industry in SA

Digital-print media / publishing company
publishing industry in SA

Beverage company
FMCG industry in SA

Booz & Company
International management consulting company
Consulting industry in Europe

Mettnau Reha und Kurklinik
Medical rehabilitation hospital – health care industry in Germany

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