History and structure

Ignite was first registered as Ignite Consulting in 2003 and converted into the company Ignite Group Pty Ltd in 2006 to reflect its wider range of services and activities, which developed over time and as a result of the client needs.

Nicolai Andler is the founder and 100% owner of the company Ignite Group Pty Ltd, which has currently four divisions:

  • Ignite Consulting - Management and IT consulting.
  • Ignite Coaching - Corporate business coaching and EQ development.
  • Ignite Knowledge - Skills development, training and lecturing.
  • The Life Coaching Centre in Cape Town - Life/career coaching for individuals.

Consulting approach and philosophy

Ignite Group’s service offerings are based on the belief that the client wants and needs to first understand his underpinning problems and needs before a conversation about a potential solution should start. Ignite Groups calls this enquiry focused consulting. Therefore a thorough understand of the situation, a diagnosis of the root causes of the problem and the surrounding context is a prerequisite to solve the right problem and add real value before prematurely selling a solution.

To illustrate the point, see this typical client-consultant conversation:

I got a problem. All the power drills I use break and the other models are too expensive. Please find me the best value-for-money power drill.
So, you need a power drill? Do you need a power drill or a hole?
Well, I need the capability to make holes to put screws into a wall!
Do you need holes or do you need the ability to attach something on the wall?
Basically I need to hang up pictures on a regular basis.
Do the pictures need to be hooked onto screws on the wall or could it be attached in another way?
Good question. Is there another way?
Beside potential other ways such as gluing, it is really about picture frames on the wall or is it about displaying images?
Hey, you just triggered an idea. We could display images with a projector ! This would be some much better, because . . .

. . . you get the point. So, would Ignite Group have really helped by finding the best value-for-money power drill? Not really. So what does Ignite offer?

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